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So you’re thinking about creating and launching a deck of playing cards, or maybe you’ve launched a couple successful decks and you’re interested in high quality professional shots of your future products. Whatever the case, Sleight Deception is dedicated to producing a high quality, creative, photo series for your playing cards. We understand the direct correlation between high quality, creative, and engaging photographs and how your audience responds to those products.

We know, and have seen, playing card creators launch products using good photos taken with their phones only to get minimal response in their Kickstarter campaign, or card launch, because they’re missing artistic composition and professional post production in their images. The truth is, the market directly relates the quality at which you chose to represent your product with the quality of the product itself. Meaning, when your product is represented through quality professional images, your audience will place a higher value on your product. In fact, the buying market has come to expect high quality images online, and is dismissive of products that don’t deliver. This is where we can help.

It’s our job, and priority, to make sure that your deck is seen in the clearest, most creative representation of your product. We visually achieve the experience you want to portray to your audience. Whether it’s cardistry focused, working magicians, high-class, top quality, or artistic, we take your vision and give it visible life. We shoot every deck using a highly specialized series to represent your product clearly.

Every photo taken is done so in order to give the series a singular, cohesive feeling. Each shot is specifically taken to make sure it stands out on its own, while fitting the series perfectly. Through our creative process, and discussion with you, we make sure to highlight every aspect that makes your deck amazing.

We specifically shoot in multiples of three in order to maximize the effect and visibility on social media. The grid of your photos, whether on Instagram or some other social gallery, helps guide people through your product. It allows them to explore all the details and intricacies found in your product, and brings them to a desire to purchase. Beyond photographing your product, we view each and every commission as a collaboration. We want your product to succeed as much as you do.

In order to help your product launch, we plan alongside you, thus giving you a much broader reach on social media. Along with your launch plan, we also advertise your product on agreed upon dates, that we photographed, on our social platforms. We can even do pre-release advertising on our social accounts. On release day we can combine to create a multifaceted plan to boost the social reach. By partnering up, we generate interactions on your account, and on your posts, to increase visibility and reach. We’re here to not only to provide you with professional level work, but a partnership to help you succeed.

All of this, combined, creates a massive launching pad for the product that you’ve poured yourself, and resources, into. We understand the importance of keeping costs as low as possible when developing a deck. This is why we’ve have special, low cost but high quality, packages for brand new playing card businesses and Kickstarter campaigns. In addition to all of this, we can blog the entire photo process, giving you another tool to use in your marketing campaign. We also use Instagram Stories to generate interest in our photos, and save these videos remotely allowing them to be used at a later date in order to create even more content for your social accounts.

All in all, we want your launch to reach the highest peaks. We want to see your business represented professionally, and we want to capture your product exactly as you want it seen. All our pricing and packages can be found here.